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      About us

      Company culture


      Business philosophy: everything is based on user value

      • Focus on long-term development and not harm user value due to commercial interests;
      • Pay attention to and deeply understand the needs of users, and constantly meet the needs of customers with excellent products and services;
      • Pay attention to emotional communication with customers, respect customer experience, and grow with customers.

      Management philosophy: caring for employee growth

      • Provide employees with a good working environment and incentive mechanism;
      • Improve the employee training system and career development channel, so that employees can enjoy the joy of growing up with the company;
      • Fully respect and trust employees, and constantly guide and encourage them to make them happy.
      • Keboer has always regarded talent as the first wealth and attaches great importance to the cultivation of people.
      • Talent cultivation is based on the concept of serving the company's strategy and corporate culture.
      • Promote the growth of employees and the company by helping employees improve their work performance and personal abilities.


      Enterprising, cooperation, innovation

      A. Aggressive

      • Responsible and efficient execution.
      • Be brave enough to take responsibility and take the initiative to meet new tasks and challenges.
      • Be curious, learn constantly, and pursue excellence.

      B. Cooperation

      • Have a win-win development mentality and share industry growth with partners.
      • Have a big picture and be able to work with other teams to achieve goals together.
      • Happy to share professional knowledge and work experience and grow with colleagues.

      C. Innovation

      • The purpose of innovation is to create value for users.
      • Everyone can innovate. Everything can be innovative.
      • Be brave in making breakthroughs, be brave in trying, fail to lay out, and be good at summing up.